A Focus on Engineers

Jill Singer Graphics has a successful track record of designing marketing materials that help increase sales for engineers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Critical to any new business pitch is a professional representation of the quality of work that a company does. In today’s business climate, what is sometimes equally important to excellent work and attention to detail is the culture and work ethic of a company and the contribution they make to the community. Jill Singer Graphics finds ways to include all relevant and useful information into marketing material, designing to be persuasive, and making pitches and proposals to more effective.

Examples of well crafted marketing material that produces results are trade show banners, displays, brochures, timelines, engineer infographics, advertisements, and most importantly, a current website. An engineering company’s website should showcase beautiful work and the opportunity to get a full sense of the company being featured. Smart headshots, short copy, professional building photos, infographics and well-placed links and SEO will make a tremendous difference in raising awareness and ultimately obtaining more clients.


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